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Watch Sherlock OnlineWatch Sherlock Online at CouchTuner . John Watson, an ex-army doctor injured in the war in Afghanistan, meets Sherlock Holmes through a mutual friend. They become flatmates, sharing rooms at 221B Baker Street owned by landlady Mrs. Hudson. There have been a strange series of deaths, supposed by Detective Inspector Lestrade to be “serial suicides.” Sherlock looks at the latest crime scene, which is of a woman wearing pink. Sherlock deduces that the woman is a serial adulterer with an unhappy marriage. Unlike other victims, she left a note, clawing “Rache” into the floor. Sherlock ignores the suggestion of the forensic expert, Anderson, that it is the German word for revenge and settles on “Rachel”, deeming that the victim died before finishing the scrawl. Watch Series Sherlock Online at Couchtuner.

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